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SINOTRUK CZPT Transmission Truck AZGearbox countershaft assembly  


Part No. AZ2203030001
EN part name Gearbox countershaft assembly; Transmission countershaft assembly
Size:cm 55x30x30 cm
Weight:kg 28KG

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recommended spare parts list: 

Pos Number of part Quantity Standard sepcification Designation
1 VG154571014A 1   Oil cooler cover
2 VG154571015A 1   Gasket
3 AZ150571012  1   Flywheel housing
4 VG1805710011 1   Observation hole cover
5 VG260571705 1   Lower oil dipstick subassembly
6 VG150571600 1   Upper oil dipstick subassembly
7 190003098014  1   Sealing washer
8   1 AM14×1.5-5.8 DIN7604 Screw plug
9   18 B8-ZN DIN137 Wave spring washer
10 19000380571  8 M8×75-8.8-ZN DIN931 Hex head bolt
11 190003857137  10 M8×35-8.8-A2C DIN933 Hex head bolt
12 VG150571031 1   Bolt
13 VG260571647 1   Clamp
14 VG260571638 1   Rubber pipe clamp
15 190003857111  1 M8×16-8.8-ZN DIN933 Hex head bolt
16 190003857111  2 M10×18-8.8-ZN DIN933 Hex head bolt
17 VG150571062 7   Hex head bolt
18 190003871305  12 M10-8-ZN DIN934m Hexagon nut
19   12 B10-ZN DIN127 Spring lockwasher
20 190003813537  10 M10×35-8.8-ZN DIN939 Stud
  190003813544  2 M10×45-8.8-ZN DIN939 Stud
21 190003813527  3 M10×28-8.8-ZN DIN939 Stud
22 190003888452  3 VM10-8-ZN DIN980 Self-locking nut
23 190003901604  2 12m6×20 DIN7 Straight pin
24 VG1500019045B 1   Oil separator
25 VG12G00040038 1   Hose
26   1 25/35 N05074 Hose clamp
27   2 16/25-ZN N05074  Hose clamp
28 VG2600011106 1   Hose
29 VG1401 1   Oil filler gasket
30 VG156571571 1   Oil filler
31   4 B6 DIN127 Spring lockwasher
32 190003857121  4 M6×16-8.8-ZN DIN933 Hex head bolt
33 Q734B2650265 1   Sealing ring

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Application: Machinery, Truck
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Gear Position: External Gear
Manufacturing Method: Cast Gear
Material: Cast Iron
Transport Package: Carton Box

Gearbox Load Distribution and its Impact on Gear Wear

In a gearbox, load distribution refers to how the applied forces are distributed among the various gear teeth and components. Proper load distribution is crucial for minimizing gear wear and ensuring the longevity of the gearbox. Here’s how it works:

Even Load Distribution: When gears are properly aligned and designed, the load is evenly distributed across the gear teeth. This means that each tooth bears its fair share of the load, preventing localized wear on specific teeth.

Uneven Load Distribution: If the gears are misaligned, have manufacturing defects, or experience excessive loads, uneven load distribution can occur. In such cases, a few teeth may carry a disproportionate amount of the load, leading to accelerated wear and potential gear failure.

Impact on Gear Wear: Poor load distribution can result in various types of gear wear, including pitting, spalling, and tooth breakage. When certain teeth bear excessive loads, they are more susceptible to fatigue and wear, leading to surface damage and reduced gear life.

Steps to Ensure Proper Load Distribution:

  • Design: Proper gear design, including correct tooth profiles and gear geometry, is essential for ensuring even load distribution.

  • Alignment: Accurate alignment of gears during installation prevents uneven load distribution. Misalignment can lead to concentrated forces on specific teeth.

  • Lubrication: Adequate lubrication helps distribute the load evenly by reducing friction and preventing direct metal-to-metal contact between gear teeth.

  • Proper Mounting: Mounting gears securely and following manufacturer guidelines prevents shifts in gear positions that could lead to uneven load distribution.

  • Material Quality: High-quality materials and proper heat treatment enhance gear strength and wear resistance, contributing to even load distribution.

  • Regular Maintenance: Routine inspections and maintenance can detect misalignments, worn components, or lubrication issues that might affect load distribution.

Efforts to achieve proper load distribution contribute to reduced gear wear, improved gearbox performance, and increased lifespan. Engineers, gearbox manufacturers, and maintenance professionals collaborate to ensure optimal load distribution in gearbox designs and installations.

China supplier CZPT CZPT Transmission Truck Az2203030001 Gearbox Countershaft Assembly   wholesaler China supplier CZPT CZPT Transmission Truck Az2203030001 Gearbox Countershaft Assembly   wholesaler
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